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About Us

Meet the Team


The Mission

Elder Contracting is determined to bridge the gap between quality, honest and fair contracting. We provide clear-cut and trustworthy contracts, completed by honorable craftsmen. We build and complete YOUR vision, the Elder way. One of the many things we love about construction is taking something old and making it new. We take pride in doing it right. We value the ideas and the dreams of our employees and customers. What’s yours is ours. Over time if we work effectively, not cutting corners, we can make dreams reality. We value the beauty of creation and the hard work it takes to get there. Through our experiences we become better and our wisdom increases. We are focused on creating a trustworthy and understanding environment for our clients. With trust and understanding comes comfortability and excitement!

The Five Tenets ( Our Core Values )


Here at Elder whether your a customer or an employee you're FAMILY! Success in this world is governed by one thing and one thing only, taking care of people! We guarantee the best customer service experience, not only that but doing more than what is expected on each and every job. Going above and beyond because like family, you deserve only the best. 



Not much else to say. When it comes to contracting or anything in general, your word is your bond and it’s no difference when it comes to the contracts we sign. Honesty is the key fundamental principle to the success of every vision and every dream that is created. You not only have to be trusted but you have to trust yourself. We guarantee clear communication and honest relationships. 


Wisdom a key principle to the meaning of Elder. We learn from our mistakes which adds to our experience. If we make a mistake we fix it. If we do not know something we learn it and if we know something we share it. 



​Elder Contracting all started with a dream; Be the best in the business, take care of family, and build the community! These dreams drive us through trial and tribulation as we all aspire to do great things. We strive to accomplish great things. We must always continue to be our best and build the best.

This can’t be done without setting the bar high for ourselves and believing in ourselves and our team. 


We must pursue personal excellence. This life is a gift, to learn and grow until we reach the best version of ourselves. Through gaining knowledge and experience over time we not only share it with others, but apply it to everything we do. We will ALWAYS strive to be the best we can be.

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